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We offer homemade Mediterranean cuisine and Greek traditional dishes ...

  • Local freshly caught fish and seafood on daily demand (above 4 people, please book 24 hours prior)
  • Local quality sourced meat and chicken only, complemented by chilled Greek wines and refreshments
  • Great variety of fresh salads and some ingredients from the restaurant's garden

We serve everyday from 1pm until 11:30pm.

We decided to set only 8 tables, so guests can enjoy a natural experience of Pantheon.

Enjoy your meals of the day in the lovely tavern, overlooking the view of the deep blue colors of the Ionian Sea

You will be pleasantly surprised !

Don't forget to ask for the dish of the day !

Note: Please let us know 24 hours prior for special request and/or for groups above 4 people, especially for fish platter and mousaka. Since we use only fresh products, we'll order them from our selected suppliers on a daily basis.

Parking:  Free parking on premises ...
                  - Option 1 - take the driveway (quite steep) up the entrance and park upstairs.
Option 2 - park on mainroad downstairs, the restaurant is 30 meters walking up the driveway.


Pantheon Panoramic Seaview Restaurant

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